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Online/Digital Advertising

Three Courses: Web 101, Online Marketing 101 and Social Strategy Academy


Web 101

Course Overview:

This one-day course provides valuable information about the latest technologies to help maximize your website presence and understand the complexities of online marketing. You'll get hands-on exposure and gain a greater understanding of these disciplines in order to leverage your website in new ways. This training will give you the knowledge, tools, and technologies you need to help your website succeed.

This one-day course is a combination of lecture and group activities.

Website UI and UX

Website UI and UX acronyms are becoming more commonplace as businesses realize they don’t have to use a template design for WordPress when designing and developing their website. UX design refers to user experience, while UI design stands for user interface. Both elements are crucial to your website and work closely together. But despite their relationship, and interchangeable use, they are quite different.

Simply put UX and UI are the look and feel of your website. This CTA course will go into greater detail on the how and why of UX and UI, as well as the importance of taking both into consideration when designing your next website, or modifying elements of it for improved performance.

Your website is your greatest marketing asset. This course will help you improve its overall look and feel for a better user experience.

Understanding Search - Paid and Organic

There are two ways people can find your website and both involve search. To effectively market your website you need a sound understanding of search and how to leverage both SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google considers paid search (SEM) and organic search (SEO) the right hand and left hand of your website. Both are critical components of your website, and both require separate disciplines, technologies, and strategies.

This CTA course will break down the differences between SEM and SEO for you, and give you the knowledge to use search effectively with your overall marketing strategy, thereby increasing website traffic, casino visitors, and coin-in.

Website Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, and reporting of data related to your website captured for the purpose of understanding and optimizing that data for making informed business decisions, determining marketing strategies, and gaining deeper customer insights.

Through web analytic reporting, businesses are not only able to improve the effectiveness of their website, they can also leverage the data to convert more website visitors into paying customers. At its core, web analytics is very similar to your player club systems providing valuable insight like who visited your website, when, from where, and on what device. The amount of data is staggering, and when analyzed can provide considerable upside to businesses looking for data to justify their decisions.

This CTA course segment provides practical information and guidance on the basics of website analytics. We’ll show you how to use tools like Google Analytics, heat mapping, and user engagement tracking tools to better understand your website traffic, audience types, and the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.

This course segment includes an engaging combination of lecture, group interaction and hands-on training related to website analytics.

Website apps vs. mobile

There’s often confusion about the differences between a website app and a mobile website. From times these terminologies are easily interchanged with one another, thus making it confusing for businesses to identify which is needed and why.

There’s no mistaking the importance of mobile and the shift occurring right now with mobile website usage and apps. Mobile web usage is steadily increasing; so much so that Google rolled out two large changes last year, with more to come.

Understanding the difference of a website app in comparison to a mobile website is critical in making the right decision for your casino. Your casino will benefit by ensuring it is accessible via mobile devices. With a mobile website or a website app, your casino can increase lodging, retain loyal customers and expand services and reach. The question becomes, which is best for your casino?

This course will help you understand the nuances of each technology, so more informed decisions can be made that will benefit your casino.

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Online Marketing 101

Course Overview:

This one-day course provides valuable information about the latest online marketing technologies, which are must-haves for every casino. With consumer media consumption shifting heavily to online, it's imperative for casinos to be marketing there effectively. You'll receive hands-on training related to these technologies, supported by industry insights and data so you can better understand how and why they should be included in your casino's overall marketing strategy. By combining the best online marketing strategies with traditional marketing, you'll be sure to reach more of your customers, and bring them through your doors. This training is intended to put you on the path of success as it relates to your online marketing, with the best tools and technologies to help you succeed.

This one-day course is a combination of lecture and group activities.

Google Ad Words

Google AdWords is the leading form of PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, accounting for 67% of searches conducted online. PPC can also be categorized as Search Engine Marketing or SEM. There are similar vendors like Yahoo and Bing (combined to form Bing Ads) which will be touched on in this class, but Google will be the primary focus since they control the lion share of search activity today.

Google considers PPC an effective component of every businesses website and online marketing strategy. It enables businesses to capture targeted keywords or search phrases to ensure prospective customers in your area can find you, thus increasing sales.

In this CTA class, we will review Google AdWords in detail, providing hands-on exposure so class participants can return to their marketing departments armed with the information to leverage this very powerful marketing technology.

Banner Marketing

Banner advertising or display advertising is a very common practice of delivering static or animated ads on websites. These ads show up within the content of websites and can be found on just about every website visited. Websites make their content available to advertising in order to generate advertising revenue. Advertisers need to understand the latest technologies behind this medium to ensure that they achieve the best results possible and maximize their ROI.

The evolution of banner advertising has occurred at a rapid pace and today many of the tactics and technologies in place are outdated. This CTA class will explain in detail the online banner ecosystem so that your casino can leverage,audience segments and re-targeting.


Email marketing is an effective form of marketing that should be included in every casino’s overall marketing plan. The challenge for most casinos is the maintaining the frequency, timing and content of emails, as well as establishing best practices, tactics and other technologies that can be included to provide the best customer experience and return on investment.

What are industry open rates, what are the best subject lines and times of day to send emails? What should the content be and how often should your casino send emails? This CTA course will review these topics, as well as other tips and techniques so attendees can return to their marketing departments armed with industry insights and information that can be applied to their current email marketing efforts to improve performance.

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Social Media Academy

Course Overview:

For years social media has baffled casinos. Money is being spent on running social media campaigns and hiring social media experts, yet they are still missing the social mark. It requires an understanding of strategic marketing practices, a firm grasp of social media, and the know-how of how to effectively integrate social with various marketing platforms, all while effectively driving traffic, revenues, and boosting brand awareness to make it work. It's more than filling a job description, it's strategic digital marketing, and it's a skill your team needs to possess.


To begin this CTA course, we perform a pre-audit to understand what you have been doing and how it can be improved. We dig deep, reading and reviewing what you have been posting, tweeting, writing, sharing and uploading. We review analytics both on social accounts and your website, and we also spend time reviewing your competitors social efforts. Together, we define your goals and objectives with social media marketing. We show you how to create obtainable goals (quarterly and annually), show you how you to measure them, and we show you the systems to use to  achieve  an appropriate ROI for your social media dollars.


It should soon be obvious if your new social media approach is providing the desired results. If you aren't sure, don't worry, we will follow-up with you! We want you to be socially successful and that means reporting to you a month after our session. We will send you an email recap of what we believe you should continue doing (based on our review of your social accounts), what we believe you should adjust, and any new social changes that impact your efforts.

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