Casino Promotion Courses

Marketing & Promotions

Two Courses: Variable Data and Promotions & Marketing


Variable Data Marketing

Course Overview:

This one-day course will address the overall marketing budget and its relationship to the VDC budget. Knowing how to create the budget and how to allocate it in your marketing plan are must-have skills in today's competitive casino market.

This one-day course is a combination lecture and workshop that will teach attendees the skills they need to create and measure effective budgets and player performance for their property.

Budget Determination and Allocation

Determining an annual budget for marketing is a complex but systematic task. This course is designed to provide marketing professionals with the tools necessary to create an annual budget for their marketing department utilizing industry standards as the basis.

VDC Methodology and Budget

VDC offerings are generally reviewed monthly to determine the ROI and effectiveness. How you arrive at an annual budget is based on more historic data than perhaps it should be. During this course we will work with the marketing team to create an annual budget and then teach them how to adjust it on a monthly basis based on player response.

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Promotions & Marketing

Course Overview:

The state of your casino's success relies heavily on the in-house marketing and promotional creation. During this one-day course we will cover a variety of topics listed below.

This one-day course is a combination of lecture and workshops.

Promotion Creation and ROI

How does your team create and develop your promotional plan? Do they continue to regurgitate the same basic promotions because they hear that the guests like them? Or do they take the time and effort to determine the ROI of each promotion in both the short-view and long-view, and use that data to make a much more informed decision regarding your promotions? This important CTA course segment will train your team to dissect promotions to extract the necessary information and also how to use this information to modify, improve and maximize your financial return on them.


Often overlooked, proper in-house merchandising of your promotions is a must if you intend to convey an exciting, fun and engaging atmosphere on your floor. In this CTA course segment, you'll see examples of great, good and poor merchandising, as well as learn how to stretch your imagination and available marketing dollars to provide the best presentation for your major prizes (vehicles, boats, etc.) and also your daily and weekly promotions.


Closely related to proper merchandising, your in-house Point Of Purchase (POP) signage needs to grab attention, engage your guests and clearly explain the promotional details. When your POP is done right, your guests will be immersed in promotion and event awareness, always aware of what's happening at your property on the day of their visit, as well as in the weeks and months to come. We'll show you the difference between effective and non-effective POP design, structure and physical placement, ensuring your team is aware and able to effectively communicate your promotions and events visually throughout your property.

Brand Integrity

Rule #1: Always protect your brand! Your marketing team needs to be tenacious in protecting your brand at all touch points, ensuring the equity your brand has developed over time continues to shine. This CTA course segment will show and review a graphics standards and guidelines document to show and explain the need for such a document at your facility, and also expose the many applications of your brand throughout a myriad of internal and external media, documents, signage, etc. that you need to be aware of and correct if your brand is presented poorly or incorrectly.

Guerilla Marketing

This productive, enlightening and fun course section will take the focus off the primary traditional and digital methods of advertising, and dive into the world of up-close-and-personal, street-level, guerilla marketing. Casinos provide a wonderful opportunity to get creative with your marketing, as there’s such a wide variety of entertainment options all under one roof. From driving traffic to your restaurant through a unique off-site sampling program, to sponsoring a city Chamber lunch-and-learn to explain the history of casino games (and also providing incentives for the participants to visit your casino), the sky's the limit when it comes to rolling up your sleeves and getting out into the marketplace, creating relationships and driving traffic.

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