Casino Training Courses

Training Courses

The five CTA training courses are developed to provide the most important, necessary and immediately usable training to your team. As every facility has their own unique environment and concerns, you can easily pick and choose which courses and workshops are right for your team and facility.

Customer Service

If you’re like the majority of casino properties, you probably aren’t able to outspend your competition to get new guests to your facility and retain their loyalty, but you will ALWAYS come out on top if you commit to providing the very best customer service possible. And the best part: it doesn’t cost a thing!

At CTA, we understand that delivering outstanding customer service isn’t always a natural instinct for team members, and that is the primary benefit you’ll receive from this course. Your team members will learn skills that are needed for the success of your business, as well as useful throughout all areas of life. Based on many years of research, application and modification, the results of this course will be immediately seen and felt in your facility, and will be positively noticed on your bottom line.

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Leadership & Management

Isn't a manager a leader? Unfortunately, far from it in most cases. This training is designed to identify the differences between managers and leaders, as well as teach both how to communicate in a way that will increase profitability. These courses are based on the John Maxwell principles and will teach supervisors, managers and team members how to lead, communicate and motivate. Your organization should expect lower turnover, higher morale, and increased profitability after completing either of these two courses.

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Marketing & Promotions

The CTA Marketing & Promotions track provides a plethora of immediately usable information for your team to make positive financial impacts at your facility. Gone are the days when promotion analysis consisted of, "Well, pretty good. We had a lot of people here that night." It's imperative that your team knows how to accurately determine the ROI of all promotions, as well as ensure your VDC player rewards program is working as hard as it can for you. Additionally, in these courses you will be shown proper promotional budget allocation, and how to maximize your marketing budget to provide the best user experience via merchandising, maintenance of brand integrity and a number of proven guerilla marketing tactics.

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Online Digital Advertising

There is no doubt that by now your facility has started to recognize the importance of digital marketing and advertising. In fact, did you know that in 2014 online media consumption surpassed traditional TV? Currently, most casinos know this to be true, but simply do not have the resources in house to control their own destiny. At CTA, we have developed courses that will train your team members in this critical vertical. Whether you outsource digital media placement or chose to handle it in house, the Online Digital Advertising course is a must for marketing professionals.

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Traditional Media & Advertising

Effective traditional advertising strategies and tactics are essential for your property's success. Whether you work collaboratively with an advertising agency or if your in-house marketing team manages and executes your advertising activities, there are a multitude of disciplines that your team needs to know and understand to be successful. Does your marketing and advertising team possess the knowledge and skills necessary to keep your external communications effective in delivery method and design? These courses include the basics of a successful agency/client relationship, working with local media reps, proper budget allocation, understanding the differences between effective and non-effective creative work, and providing a solid foundation for the art and science of buying and placing media.

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