Success stories from Casino Training Academy

What Our Clients Say

CTA's success is determined by providing effective, usable training to our clients. Nothing pleases us more than a client who appreciates the positive impact we've had with their team and their operation.

Lode Star Casino - Fort Thompson, SD

"Casino Training Academy provided Leadership and Management training to our casino's managers and supervisors, and I am very pleased. The training was very beneficial, easy to understand and gave our team immediately usable concepts and techniques that are helping to make a positive impact here at Lode Star Casino. We've already planned for CTA to return for additional courses!"

  • Myra Isburg, General Manager

“Matty is a seasoned educator in experiential learning. Instead of participants being passive receivers of information, participants become true partners in the learning process”. She integrates all aspects of learning; using knowledge, activities and reflection.”

  • Cynthia Sommers-Trettin, Health Educator

“In my recently released book, Winning! How Winners Think – What Champions Do, I have included interviews or reports with various CEO’s such as Lee Iacocca, numerous Olympians, authors such as Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series) celebrities and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Matty was included as one of those ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Matty is one of the most influential, innovative, intuitive and inspiring change agents I have ever met.”

  • Edie Raether, Speaker, Author, Coach, Performance PLUS